Science, Values and The Public

Spring Colloquium I February 9-10, 2018 I University of Michigan Philosophy

ReadinG Group 

Fall Semester Reading Group: Biweekly meetings October-December to read contemporary and/or prominent works with readings selected by workshop members. We will be meeting in Angell Hall 1164

Winter Semester Reading Group: Weekly meetings January-February to read and discuss either a paper that will be presented in the upcoming colloquium if the authors can make them available ahead of time, or a recent work by a speaker at the upcoming colloquium.


Science, Values, and the Public Colloquium: A two-day conference featuring visiting speakers giving research presentations followed by comments from University of Michigan graduate students. 

Location: Angell Hall 3222

Confirmed Speakers

Heather Douglas

Dan M. Kahan 

Elisabeth Lloyd

Quayshawn Spencer

Workshop member panel

A panel featuring members of the workshop presenting new research related to science, values, and the public or aided by participation in the workshop and colloquium. We hope to hold this event in March or April.